Medium To Long Length Scissor Cut

A haircut for someone with shoulder length or longer hair wanting a wash and style. If you are a new client with extra long and thick hair, please give me a heads up at time of booking.

$50+75 min

Dry Scissor Cut Or Short Length Cut

Shorter length haircut that styles in minutes unlike long hair. This service is also good for longer prewashed/styled hair for a dry cut. This is amazing for cutting off split ends which can be seen better when it’s dry, but also a quick cut, restyle and on your way.

$40+45 min

Young Lady Cut Under 12 Wash & Dry

Young person under 12 years scissor cut with a wash and blow dry. intended for young people with long hair past their shoulders, but not as thick or time consuming as an adult. Can include styling including curls if time is available.

$3845 min